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Nano are very small particles that can fill into contacted material’s surface empty spaces. It creates more material bonding, reduces the refection on the glass surface and increases the clearness. More importantly, it’s prevent dust, its self-clearing, electrostatic discharge and inorganic.

SUPER CLEAR COAT is a new coating binds tin oxide antistatic fuction to silica used to create special glass layer with high permeability with single nano size particles.
This coating can be applied to window glass. Aside the the easy application process, it is the ultimate product to coat glass. The coating is low maintenenace therefore a significant reduction in cost for cleaning.

Tested benefits of “Anti-Fouling Coating” from Japan

tickpost   Prevents organic and inorganic dust,

tickpost   Water proof and removes dust when in contact with water,

tickpost   Durable in Acid and Alkaline, very high durability in any environment,

tickpost   No affects to the glass surface, creates clear view,

tickpost   Save glass maintenance time and cost,

tickpost   Quick, easy and clean installation,

tickpost   Over 10 years durability.

SUPER CLEAR COAT is the product produced by SKETCH Corporation from Japan. It has quickly become the necessary materials for buildings and reassurances, showrooms, commercial centers, hospital, schools, cinemas, bans, residential properties, cars, bus, etc…

Not only is it covering windows in Japan it is become popular in more than 20 countries around the world.

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