Solution of cost saving hygiene and cleaning time

Anti-Fouling External Wall Coating – SUPER CLEAR COAT

SUPER CLEAR COAT can be applied to window glass. Aside the easy application process, it is the ultimate product to coat glass. The coating is low maintenance therefore a significant reduction in cost for cleaning.

This new coating binds tin oxide antistatic faction to silica used to create special glass layer with high permeability with single nano size particles.

+  Platinum is also added in order to improve antistatic performance and tungsten oxide (WO3) to improve the performance of the hard coating.

+  This molecule structure minimizes the deposition of sand, carbon and dirt. It also cleans off easily in the rain and with water.

+  The coating can be easily applied with a pray gun or a squeegee

+  Using tin oxide as antistatic effect. Tungsten oxide (WO3) and platinum (Pt) are added for improving the performance of the hard coating.

1. Dirt take off easily in the rain

Super hydrophilic coating synergistic hydrophilic property of several varieties of SiO2 utilized the fractal theory creates unique self-clearing action. (Fractal theory: Fine irregularities of the surface enhance hydrophilic property)

2. High clarity and low refractive index

It appliers evenly with height clarity by adjusting materials with low refractive index, SiO2, and SnO2 to suppress the reflection. Solar self maintenance coat achieved visible light transmission over 92% by adding tungsten oxide (WO3)

 3. Quick dry

Create effective super hydrophilic coating immediately after the application. (It take more than 24 hours to complete cure) it doesn’t require and washing detergent. The cleaning cost reduce significantly.

 4. Height durability & Low maintenance

Electrostatic charge prevention faction. Ultra fine tin oxide doesn’t adsorb dust and fine particles floating in the air and adhere just the minimum amount of dirt and exhaust gas is these have many free electrons and the electric resistance value is low (surface resistively : 107  ~ 109 Ω/o)

 5. Prevent windows from fogging up

Super hydrophilic coating prevents windows and mirrors from fogging up and keep them clear. It achieves ultra hydrophilic film of water droplet contact angle below 50C

 6. Hardness 4H ~  9H

Chemical resistance, durability and hardness are significantly improved by adding tungsten oxide particulate super alloy (WO3) or platinum (Pt). Acid rim and bird droppings are also cleaned.


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  71 ~ 82.5



16 ~ 27

Tin Oxide


     ~ 0.1

Silicon Dioxide


  ~ 1



     ~ 0.5

Silver oxide


      ~ 0.1

Aluminum oxide


      ~ 0.1


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Test Item

Test Procedure


Contact angle with water Sessile drop method 5o
Surface resistivity Surface resistivity machine 109  □/Ω
Adhesion test Cross cut test 100/100
ASTM C633 Nothing peculiar
Hardness Pencil hardness test 4H
Weather resistance test Super UV : 200 hour Nothing peculiar
Temperature & high moisture 85o C temperature, mosture hour


Nothing peculiar
Heat resistance test 100o C /1 hour


Nothing peculiar
Cold resistance test 100o C /1 hour


100o C /1 hour



Acid resistance test

Axit clohydric 5% / 5 minute Nothing peculiar
Natri hydroxit 5% / 5 minute Nothing peculiar