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Dear Valued Customers,

 Due to the effects of global warming and extreme climate changes our summers have become hotter and our winters become colder. Our environment is also suffering from pollution such as dust, sand, carbon, exhaust gas, pollen, industrial smock, etc …

 Scientists around the world are invested in creating new technologies and products to reduce climate change and to protect the environment. Japan has come up with very impressive products such as “Thermal Insulating Glass Window Coating IRUV Cut Coast H-SC” and “Anti-Fouling External Wall Coating” to not only be more energy efficient but also to protect buildings from exterior damage overtime.

IRUV H-SC and Anti-Fouling Surface Coating are products produced by SKETCH Corporation from Japan in the year 1992. They have quickly become the necessary materials for buildings and reassurances, showrooms, commercial centers, hospital, schools, cinemas, bans, residential properties, cars, bus, etc…

Not only are they covering windows in Japan they have become popular in more than 20 countries around the world.

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 Nguyen Van Dan

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