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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to your esteemed company.

Signage Concept Advertising corporation (SCA) was set up by a team of signs and structural engineering specialists who had the expertise and experience for over ten years. SCA specializes in fabricating products that are high qualities and skillfull designs. In addition, our company is very successful for achieving the needs and wants of clients in and out of the country.

tickpost The Company’s range of products encompasses the following.

aaaA- Fabricated Signages, Point Of Sales Materials and Advertisement Products Divison:

aaaEnvironmental graphics, thematic elements and signage design consultancy services.

aaa+ Highway sign, billboard, architectural general signages and visual communication products.

aaa+ Neon sign, light emitting diode exchange rates board led moving for indoor & out door.

aaa+ Super slim lighbox, revolving lightbox, acrylic mouled lightbox and changeable sparkle boards.

aaa+ Point of sales materials, point of purchases, corporate gift item and full color digital inkjet printing.

aaa+ Executed aluminium plastic composite panels, decoration products for interior and exterior projects…

aaaB- Provided Digital Signage By Multicolored LED System And LCD Video Products Division:

aaaAll kind of digital signage advertised by multicolored LED system and LCD display video products.

aaaWide range application and multifunction of LCD display including: Public LCD display, Excellent LCD display, Luxury LCD display, Multi LCD display, Table LCD display, Gap LCD display, Outdoor LCD display, Market LCD display.

aaaC- Imported And Provided Road Safely Traffic Facilities From Korea & Japan Product Division:

aaaColour car stopper – Solar road stud – Corner Guar – Speed downer – Circular column guard – Complex speed hump – Rubber speed hump – Rubber car stopper – Convex safety mirror – Automatic barrier gate – Automatic gate door – Flag poles series – Guard booths – Grille cone -

aaa*** Specially: Provided & executed the Japan leading products

aaa+ Thermal Insulating Glass Window Coating – IRUV Cut Coat H-SC and save electricity cost.

aaa+ Anti-Fouling Coating For The Exterior Material Wall Buildings – Nano SUPER CLEAR COAT

tickpost Our services include directly manufacture and installation:

 -       Directly manufacture and installation all kind of signages.

 -      Supply and Install road safety traffic facilities products from Korea.

Thank you for your time and we certainly hope our introduction is informative and we are looking forward to co-operate with you. Thanking you in advance.

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